The plumbing and the plumbing franchise industry have a unique advantage over many industries within the country. Plumbing is not something someone is willing to go without. As our population continues to increase so does the demand for plumbing. The plumbing industry is now generating almost $120 billion a year1. Another interesting fact, is that no one company has more than 1% of the market1. The demand is obvious, however, the question is how is a company differentiating itself among its competitors.

This is the advantage 1-800-PLUMBER franchising brings.

The HVAC industry, specifically air conditioning and heating, has become the way of life of most Americans. If you were to stop and think for a moment, you probably know someone who grew up without the benefits of air conditioning in their home. However, depending on your geographic location, this is not the case today. So it should be no surprise that the HVAC industry has grown to an $83 Billion a year industry2. As a result, this has become a high demand, quick response industry. Having the right system in place to meet the demands is critical to the success of the business. The 1-800-PLUMBER  system is built to meet these demands and provide unsurpassed service to the customer.

The Plumbing and HVAC industries are both very respectable industries. Some businesses make the decision to focus only on Plumbing or only on HVAC. As part of 1-800-PLUMBER, there can be unbelievable success if the two industries are combined. The benefits are many since there are many overlaps within the two industries. Click here to find out more on the benefits of becoming a 1-800-PLUMBER company and see if combining these two industries is a right fit for you.