Another key advantage of being a 1-800-PLUMBER franchise, is that you are not on your own as you own your own business. You are provided with support to help you be successful as a 1-800-PLUMBER franchise. Each franchise will be assigned a Franchise Business Consultant (FBC) whose focus is to assist you in developing goals and coach you on brand standards and best-demonstrated practices.

Your FBC will be there to help you grow your business and meet all the criteria of the 1-800-PLUMBER mission statement. They will be committed to your growth and development under the 1-800-PLUMBER systems. Their duties start with successful start-up or conversion to 1-800-PLUMBER systems, business plan development, budget development, compliance, pricing development, best practices for product and services training, accounting and inventory advice, and any other challenges which may arise for you, the Franchise Owner.